The Adventure Continues…

No, that’s not some far-off expanse of foreign land. That’s home. That’s the prairie right outside of Spokane in Washington.

It would seem, since I’m back at home, I no longer have use for a travel blog. What does one do with a travel blog when the trip is over? My answer: Keep traveling!

I’m not going to take off on another worldwide adventure just yet. I plan to stick around this town. While being abroad, I realized how little I actually explored of Spokane and the places surrounding it.

The Northwest is an amazing place that people from all over come to see and I have some serious appreciating of it to do. Today I hopped on a bus to Seattle to go to a dear friend’s wedding and stay in the city for the weekend.

That’s just the start. Canada is just two hours above me, Idaho and Montana within arm’s reach and Oregon a short drive to the south. I strategically took a job with a schedule of four tens, so every weekend is a three day weekend!

One of the most important things I learned over the last year and two months is to live everyday like I’m traveling.

Before my trip, I got into a snooze-worthy cycle of work, relax, work, relax, work, relax (with a lot of worrying and feeling blue thrown in between). But when I was traveling, I didn’t let myself be so boring. I soaked everything in and went on adventures. Why would I not do that back at home?

The way I see it now that the lazy haze has lifted around me, there are adventures to be had, places to see, loads of people to meet and even a business venture to pursue! I want to share that with you all as well as recall some things from my trip that I didn’t get to write about and continue to talk about the struggles of anxiety and depression.

So if you want to come along on that journey, you’re more than welcome!


One thought on “The Adventure Continues…

  1. I just read your article on!! So well written and amazing! I’m in Sandpoint actually and just felt compelled to send you a message since you’re so close by. I hope your travels continue and are wonderful!


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