The Green and the Grey

Today I hiked up Ireland’s highest peak: Carrauntoohil! It was magical. And not only because it was the first hike I’ve done in Ireland where it has not rained. (But of course it was cloudy.)

After hiking into Hag’s Glen for a while you rock scramble up Devil’s Ladder – that vertical rocky, watery part on the left. Then you hike up the ridge to the right.

Everything that wasn’t a rock was squishy and wet, so wearing my Chacos was perfect. A couple people asked me, “My goodness, how are you doing this in sandles?” My answer, “These aren’t sandals, these are Chacos.” Actually, that sounds kind of rude when it’s not written down, so I just showed them the thick sole and said it’s all good.

This is the peak from the ridge above the ladder.

This is the ladder and the peak from the hike down the opposite side.

This is the view from the ridge.

No view from the summit because the summit was socked in.

The summit cross!

Previously, on other outdoor Killarney adventures…

Muckross Abbey: A beautiful 15th century Abbey that you can wander around in.

My favorite part is the yew tree growing in the cloister.

Gap of Dunloe: Me and Carol from Switzerland, the other workaway at the hostel, took a boat across the Killarney lakes to walk the 7-mile gap of Dunloe. Unfortunately, it poured rain during the entire 1-hour boat ride, so unlike in this picture, we were hiding under a green tarp and shielding our eyes from the windy rain. I’m sure the lakes are beautiful, but I can’t say for sure because all I could see was water in my eyes.

Sheep friends.

Mysterious brown water.

In Ireland, everything under foot is always green and everything up above is always grey.


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