Waiting Game

May 4

I did not intend to still be on the boat when May began. Alas, I am here and we are still waiting in Togiak Bay for the last fish to be delivered. There is a rumor that we should leave tonight after 15 tons of herring are processed.

We have been without boats for a couple of days and it feels like we are sitting needlessly. I didn’t go to work tonight for the first time this season, save for the day I came down with a high fever. I couldn’t think of a reason to go because I’ll have work every day during the 10-day voyage home, once we pull up the anchor.

Every night I wake, hoping to feeling the movement of the boat sliding over small waves, making its way southward. But so far, I wake to stillness and the same pinkish twilight tickling the same surrounding mountains. It’s picturesque still, but becoming tiresome.

Technically this is a sunrise. I usually wake up to the sunset. But this is pinkish, too.

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